Creating stories through photographs

A lot of people are talking about how Photography has changed– Okay, so what’s the big deal with photography and all this? Well let me tell you. I think that we are in a golden age of photography. For both quality and quantity. As somebody who uses stock photography sites on a semi-regular basis, I can certainly tell you that the answer is true for quantity. There are so many photographs entering the public sphere on a daily basis. Literally, millions of new photos are uploaded every day through all sorts of different means, for all sorts of different purposes period for stock photography sites, social media profiles, website design, and all sorts of other things, new media content is constantly entering the internet and the public sphere in that regard. Is wild it is certainly wild. So, I have to say, that I think that I am not very cynical about this. A lot of people I ask about this are extremely pessimistic, saying that the amount of mediocrity Within These large quantities ways down the good. See, I think it might be a little bit different. A good friend put it this way to me about stand-up comedy, I think he was quoting somebody else, but what he said is that  an old entertainer had told him that there used to be five hundred comedians in the United States of America, and only five were good. Then, he said there were five thousand comedians in America, and only five were good. Now, they say that there are fifty thousand comedians in America, and still, only five are any good. I have to say that, although this is an amusing and funny line of rhetoric, I disagree with the cynicism that is found within it. As a matter of fact, I found rather the opposite.

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