Stunning Scooters from Unu Motors

I read about Unu Motors lately. They were featured in a blog where the writer said a lot if being attracted to this innovation because of its wonders.

I am immediately interedted about this company and so I searched about it more in other websites. I found out Unu Motors is boasting of its product elektrische scooter. They call it that way in The Netherlands where it originated.

Here are some of the things I compiled about their electric scooter. Let me know if you have insights:

  1. It is ran by electricity
  2. It has a portable batteryhh
  3. It comes with a big box where they will put everything you need there
  4. They have great delivery service
  5. They have a free helmet!
  6. No weight and height required
  7. They this FAQ page where they tackle every thing a customer needs to know
  8. They delivery real quick but you have to pay in full and not in partial
  9. They are looking into new ways to deliver in other regions as their market is about to span largely
  10. The scooters do not make any noise
  11. The scooters do not emit harmful gas
  12. Unu Motors is also known for its very friendly staff.
  13. They also partnered with a number of garages where customers can have thier vehicles fixed in no time.

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