Planning to Sell Products

Aside from selling clothes, I am now planning to sell products which can widen my business. Of course, they should be all related to fashion and style as it will be my forever interest. I know a lot of girls will also find these products helpful for them in the future. Also, a lot of my friends are telling if I can sell these products so that my shop will be a one stop shop and they need not to go to other online shops. Plus, this shall save them money in delivery!

Here are some of the things I plan to sell:

Skincare products (lotion, facial wash)

Traveling gear (rashguard, camping gear)

Shoes (heels, rubber shoes)

Active wear (leggings and jackets)

Hats (beanies and fedoras)

Craft supplies (office supplies, cute trinkets)


What do you think of these? Let me know!

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