Planning to Sell Products

Aside from selling clothes, I am now planning to sell products which can widen my business. Of course, they should be all related to fashion and style as it will be my forever interest. I know a lot of girls will also find these products helpful for them in the future. Also, a lot of my friends are telling if I can sell these products so that my shop will be a one stop shop and they need not to go to other online shops. Plus, this shall save them money in delivery!

Here are some of the things I plan to sell:

Skincare products (lotion, facial wash)

Traveling gear (rashguard, camping gear)

Shoes (heels, rubber shoes)

Active wear (leggings and jackets)

Hats (beanies and fedoras)

Craft supplies (office supplies, cute trinkets)

I am very looking forward to establishment my small business website and I hope you will support me all the way! I once talked to my mentor,  Dave Jenkins, he a known Vancouver realtor who just loves giving away advices to young ones like me. He said he also started just like me and he said I should keep on striving to learn more. Eventually, having a business will come at its right time.

What do you think of these? Let me know!

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