Donating to Charity

Here at Satori Factory we believe that while we end up selling our preloved clothes and making money from it, we know that somehow, a portion of the income will be given away to our chosen charities. Before in our first batch of sale, we donated 50 percent to a nearby home for the aged.

We also conducted an activity there were we had a small Christmas party for the elderly. The volunteers of Satori Factory were so happy to see the elders look so happy and gay with the fun games and the gifts they received. We also cooked for them. Aside from that, we donated clothes for the grandmothers and grandfathers there so they will have something new to wear.

This year, we happy to partner with a kid’s charity house. I learned that the kids there were left by their mothers when they were a baby. They were raised by nuns and volunteers in the charity house and they are given free education with the help of outside institutions.

After of sale coming this March, proceeds of the sales will be allotted for an activity with the kids in the charity house. We will conduct a small party as well as fun games and activities for them. We will also prepare clothes and toys for them as well as medicines for their pharmacy.

If you would like to volunteer, ping me at my email you can see in my contact page.


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